New for the tree

In her pretty dress of translucent paper the ethereal fairy dances on the air, gently wielding her magic wand. Made in Denmark, designed by Jette Frolich and given to me by my little sister. Isn't this just gorgeous.

The first little bird to grace our tree and it's a wonderful little tin one from one of my dear sister-in-laws.

Another great tin decoration, this time a lovely simple 2D striped bauble from a very good friend.

This one is from an old school friend from my years in New Zealand and she is a Paua shell and Silver Fern fairy, love it.

And lucky last is a Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' musical old world Santa from my mother-in-law.

As you can see I've been thoroughly spoiled by friends and family this Christmas, they all know how much I love tree decorations. Sadly I haven't made time to whip up some new handmade ones this year but I did receive a copy of the annual Just CrossStitch 2008 Christmas Ornaments Special Issue from one of my stitching friends so I have no excuses for not making some new decorations in the next 12 months.


2paw said...

What beautiful decorations: I love the first one, the paper fairy, best of all. Happy New Year, I hope you have lots of time for lots of cross stitch.

Anonymous said...

The angel and the fern fairy are my favorites, but all of them are very pretty.

Hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!