Around the yard yesterday

This is a view into our place with my new rusty pelican insitu, he was a gift from the family this Christmas, handmade by a local retired gentleman. We might even have enough room for a smaller one too. Dear Husband is not known for his handyman skills but he did get this project done very quickly with a little help from Darling Daughter.

Old Miss Puss taking it easy.

Two more little helpers who just love the camera.

Darling Daughter at it again installing a wonderful rusty Ringtail Possum my Surfer Boy made me for Christmas. Now this was a truly thoughtful gift, I had cared for a young Ringtail Possum for 6 months who unfortunately was not able to return to our garden as she was so disabled by her injuries that she wouldn't have been able to live successfully on her own. It was a very sad day when Pia was put to sleep by her vet, she is buried just near this spot. I still miss her darling little face but now I have this little work of art to make me smile. The top rail of our fence is called the "Possum Highway" as we regularly see possums scampering along it just after dark, they come to our yard via the power line, they check to see if there are any fruit scraps on the feeding tray and call out and let us know they are about. So far we haven't spotted any other Ringtails just the bigger Brushtails.

Here is my Darling Daughter the avid tree climber checking Pia's old house that we have set up in a large tree in our garden for any other visiting possums to take refuge in. Darling Daughter reported that the possum house has been used, there are twigs, leaves and flowers in it so someone has snuggled up for a nice long nap.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm so sorry to hear that pia didn't make it. it must have been a hard decision to make - hard but humane.
love the new garden art - david is always on the lookout for new and interesting things for the garden. emily is in the middle of making him a mosaic - but it could be a looooong time before it is finished!
hope your new year is full of fun.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gifts. I love the little possum.

Possums here aren't near as cute. They are vicious critters with nasty tempers. They don't even have cute faces like Pia. They snarl and show their teeth and hiss at you.

I wish we had cuter possums. On the other hand, we don't have box jelly fish to deal with. They sound scary!

Rachel said...

The ringtail possum made by your son is a wonderful tribute to Pia and to all the work that you put into caring for her.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post lisa. what thoughtful family you have!!

Mandi said...

Oh my word did I miss a post about Pia....I didn't know that she had gone to Possum Paradise....sooooo sorry to hear that ...I always liked to know how she was going in getting better....sad that she has gone....take care and all the best for 2009....