Dashing about

I've a new bag to felt today. I have high hopes for this bag, I really like all the dashes and think it should look great when felted. Just one more load of necessary family washing then the machine will be ready to get to work on my 'Dashing About' bag. It's a great drying day today so might have finished shots later today. As you can see I also have a bale of sugar cane mulch to spread on the vege garden this afternoon when it's nice and shady out there.


Meg said...

Cute bag, can you come and do my garden please?

Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm looking forward to seeing it felted - i think it will look great.
i love the quilt in your most recent post - but when i saw the header i thought you were suggesting 'it' was ugly which rather shocked me!! i think it's lovely - but i know what you mean about ugly scraps. that's the beauty of quilts though - they hide a multitude of fuglies!