Nearly all grown up

Ruby at 1 week, she was about 300g when she was born, now she is 22.5kg

Our little Ruby is turning into a very big girl. She has been a great addition to our family, a real ball of energy but so much fun. This week she will be six months old and next Monday she is off to the vet for her little operation........poor girl, but it's better than having every mongrel male dog hanging around the front gate for a few weeks. We have just had a very short sharp thunderstorm with horizontal rain coming right in onto the verandah so both dogs had to hide out inside with us. Ruby was delighted, lovely smelly school socks to play with...........yummo.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i want to have a thunderstorm!!!!! with rain please :)
ruby is so cute - makes me want to get a dog.

2paw said...

Ruby is so beautiful, I love her gaze at the camera and her unerring concentration on whatever is happening at the sink!! I am sure her op will go well, my dogs all recovered to be quite well in a day or two, and then had a little recuperation for a week or so.
Love the Dashy bag too!!

Mandi said...

Beautiful Ruby...she relly is ettting a big small she was....hope the op goes well...take care