Old and new

24 years ago I wore this hand knitted top I made to an orientation week function at the university that I attended for the next 3 years. It was a very simple shapeless geometric knit, very 80's I suppose. The dutch yarn is 50% linen and 50% acrylic, Thorobred scheepjeswol Linnen De Luxe. I recently found a small amount of this yarn in my sewing studio and thought I might just make something with it and as I had loved knitting the lace washers I made for some friends I decided to knit the same pattern. I wore the top a couple of weeks ago..........yes fortunately clothes in the 80's were large and now it's more snug fitting garment on me. One day when it cools down I might get to wear my new very light and breezy scarf.

I had a discussion with a girlfriend this week about the benefits of being a minimalist............as much as I love the idea, I could never do it...........I'm a hoarder through and through, it's in the genes. I can still remember the clearing out at the farm when my grandparents decided to retire into town. A life time of collecting and not enough room in town to take it all with them. Anyway with my nursing background minimalist homes in magazines bring back memories of the sterile hospital treatment and pan rooms!


Rachel said...

The lace scarf is so pretty!

Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm a hoarder too. I can't help myself - and I really couldn't change even if I tried. I like being surrounded by 'stuff'.
I love the scarf - I am rather envious of your ability to knit lace :)