Ta Da

My Hope cardigan is all done bar the nine buttons that need to be stitched on. It fits beautifully and the yarn is so soft, the silk content allows the garment to drape beautifully. This has been the best garment I've ever knit, NO SEWING UP AT ALL, just six tails to sew in when all the knitting was complete. Amazing and it is shaped so well and the pattern allows you to make adjustments as you knit down rather than discovering once you've sewn up a garment that it doesn't really fit your body shape at all. I will be searching out more knits like this in the future. I have begun a little cotton singlet top a couple of days ago which is knit from the bottom up so hope it turns out as well.

Finding the right buttons has been challenging, I have only two sewing stores in a 20km radius of home. No luck there, the only one which looked ok was a little mother-of-pearl button but it was a little too small and was $2.65, that would be $23.85 to close my cardi..........I don't think so! While at work yesterday I decided to go and visit a charity store in my lunch break, they have a 50c rack out the front and I found 4 ladies shirts with ok buttons, two were mother-of-pearl and the others were quite ok plastic ones. Not sure if they are the right buttons for this cardi but now I have some nice ones for other projects and the whole lot cost only $2.


Anonymous said...

'Tis beautiful!

Rest is not idleness said...

I have a bit of a button collecting habit, every time I go to the op shop, I check out their buttons, sometimes I get lucky.
I love the mother-of-pearl ones.
take care

2paw said...

That is a beautiful garment: no sewing up. It also looks like Dee Dee's cardigan from the scary Midnight episode of Doctor Who. Doubly fabulous!!