The weekend

A rainbow of happenings around my house today, no reason to really blog about it but it is a gorgeous autumn day and we've been doing things outside.

Red - the Give Way sign on the corner of our street................often ignored

Orange - garden loppers, Dear Husband decided to do some man style very afraid

Yellow - two clean cars and the Adults Only one is heading north to Newcastle for the annual high school surfing comp..........reason for much preparation by Surfer can never get to much practice even if it means risking becoming shark dinner

Green - freshly cut grass...............the little downpour last night had Dear Husband out there throwing around fertilizer

Blue - thinking about launching my kayak at our boat ramp for a little afternoon paddle

Indigo - pots of aloevera at the ready for dreaded sunburn treatment

Violet - a new plumbago shows us it's first flowers
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Anonymous said...

Love the montage of photos.

Could you send some of your rain our way. It is SO dry here.

Rest is not idleness said...

Oh yes, when a man decided to do some pruning, be very afraid, sometimes you come out and all that is left is a stump!!!
Love the photo montage, great idea for a post.
take care