Lace shoulders

I've completed this fast little cotton knit. Found this great bottom up all in one Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell in Interweave Knits summer 2007 magazine, very easy and fun to work on. Pattern is available online to purchase. This little top should be knit with a 10ply yarn but managed to get it to fit using a larger size, 8ply Patons Stonewash cotton with smaller needles. Circular knitting, short row shaping and 3 needle cast off are a few skills you will need to master for this knit.

I'm now onto another one piece knit this time it's the great February Lady Sweater that is loosely based on a baby jacket designed by the late great opinionated knitter Elizabeth Zimmerman. The pattern is a great freebie and has been knit by over 4500 knitters on Ravelry. This garment again calls for a 10 ply yarn and I found a great one Naturally Sensation which is merino and angora and is so soft and warm. I noticed over the weekend that Jodie over at Jellywares has knit another modified sleeveless version of this pattern for her little Connie.

I'm so converted to this one piece knitting with no sewing up, I don't think I'll ever knit in pieces again. Click on the photo if you want to look a bit closer, will look better once washed and blocked of course.


Sew little fabric said...

Gee you must knit super fast! It takes me forever to finish any knitting project I start. I did do a heap of ear flap hats last christmas, (I'll post a pic on my blog) but I get sick of doing the same things pretty quick... heehe, my knitting UFO pile is HUGE :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shell. I've bought the yarn for February Ladies Sweater, but haven't cast on yet.

Meg said...

That looks very cute. nice job

Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm still knitting a scarf that I started 18 months ago.....I'm not sure I'll ever get to round to knitting something as beautiful as your top.