Belated finishing photos

This morning I threw my February Lady Sweater on and then took a few hasty photos with my 'too short' arms before racing out the door to work. Now don't look at the wrinkles, bags or grey circles around the eyes, I've been up since darko'clock. Dear Husband flew off to the outback today, he's working at Broken Hill Hospital for a week, something he was really keen to do, great experience and he has my trusty old Canon IXUS with him so maybe I'll have photos to share with you in a week or so. I love my new cardi, great fit, really comfy to wear, I think I might knit this one again someday, maybe a different lace pattern too.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

The sweater looks good, and also your linky scarf in your previous post. Do your arms get tired holding the camera up?

Levin (and Emily) said...

firstly - you look gorgeous! no bags, no wrinkles at all.
secondly - i thought that cardi was supposed to be for me?????!!!!!
thirdly - was it hard to knit - maybe i should try and make on for myself instead of bludging one off someone else. i've started doing lace and i think i can do it now.

Rachel said...

The cardigan looks great! I especially like that it has three buttons on the top and is open on the bottom.

Kylie said...

The Feb lady looks great - I really should pull my finger out and knit myself on!

Jelly Wares said...

The cardi looks gorgeous!!! Hope DH loves his stay in Broken Hill ,he's only a stones throw away from me up there....

Take Care
Jodie :)