Down my garden path.................. will find Agapanthus just about to bloom ready for Christmas.

Gorgeous Gazania blooms in the back garden that open every day for the sun.

Rhubarb is sprouting ready to make rhubarb crumble in the pizza oven, yummy! Dill and rocket will be handy for pizza's too.

Pretty plumbago is looking good in the blue garden.

Thyme, lettuce and beans are all growing so well now Miss Ruby is fenced out of the vege patch!

Magnolia Little Gem has the most beautiful blooms, the size of a dinner plate.

I've always loved gardening but the spring/summer garden is the best, plenty of produce and fabulous flowers to feed all the senses.


Anonymous said...

I love the color on the Gazania! So pretty!

Many of the flowers you have are ones you would find growing here too.

Crafty Cripple said...

I agree with Dee, I love that Gazania. I am so jealous of your wonderful garden, especially as we are coming into the depths of winter over here. Ah well I shall get my touches of warmth from your blog.