Rainy day reading

I was gifted a spare copy of this magazine this rainy morning by a very thoughtful friend. As I flicked through to get a feel for this latest issue I noticed a nude study by a local artist Miranda Keeling (part owner and exhibitor at the ARTery at Mossy Point) and then was delighted to discover the 130 year old cottage featured was in the town where I work and the cottage in the street that a use to get to the hospital every week, how interesting to have a look inside such a delightful little home. Moruya is a small country town beside a flooding river (at the moment) and minutes from the sea with a rich history and many great old buildings in the older streets. I'll have to do a walking photo tour one day in my lunch hour so you can enjoy the sights too.

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Anonymous said...

That is exactly the kind of house I would LOVE to live in. Can't wait to see YOUR pictures of the house and area.