Stitching friends

Lunch with a stitching friend last week was a lovely interlude in the working week. I was also gifted a belated Christmas present, the cutest little Pandora charm which almost completes my charm laden bracelet. As we are 'stitching friends' we decided the picnic hamper charm complete with wine, glasses, baguette and fruit could quite easily be a stitching basket filled with sewing accessories which is most appropriate for either of us.

Yesterday I caught up with another friend on the spur of the moment and we raced into town and saw a movie, 'It's Complicated' which is a lovely funny movie to share with a friend. The last 3 movies I've seen have had Meryl Streep in them, what an actress she has become as she has aged gracefully without botox.

My resolution, 2010 will be a year of keeping up with my friends. I so enjoy their company and I'm a bit slack in making the effort to keep friendships alive.

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Sylvia said...

So nice to see you having time to blog and go to the flicks. Wasn't it a fun movie? I went with girlfriends too and hope to go more often.
Bruce bought me the basket charm for Christmas and said it was a stitching basket as well!