New slippers for me

My usual Bev Galeskas ballet slipper pattern but this time I knit them the largest size with two strands of double knit wool together and they turned out just the right size for me (Euro 39 or Australian 8.5) and so thick and cozy. Winter is just beginning here and I can't stand having cold feet or the rest of me is cold too. I used a Sullivan's 100% pure Australian wool, but found in small print on the label..........Made in China!!!!! What the!!!


Anonymous said...

I've had German wool made in Turkey. LOL

The slippers turned out great. I would love to make a pair of French Press slippers, but with the tile floors we have, they would be too dangerous.

Paula said...

Love Love Love these Lisa!!! I would love a pair as I too hate having cold feet, but with my history of slipping on anything and everything I would need to put non-slip dots on the soles. :)