Belated birthday post

My half century other half was lopping trees last week and I saw that he was wearing the fabulous birthday shirt that my sister found for him and it reminded that I hadn't shown you another of his gifts. Dear Husband has pair of very good friends that went to school with him, honeymooned with him tagging along, were in our wedding party and they also made a trip down here to celebrate with him back in April...................very good friends! Suzie is from a well known Griffith restauranting family and she whipped up a birthday dinner in the holiday shack they were staying in. A gourmet roast dinner for our two families that was so scrumptious and there on the table Marty had decanted into a glass coffee percolator a 1980 bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermitage. For thos who don't know this is a very special bottle of Australian red that they've had stored away for many smelled so good and tasted even better. What a lucky boy Dear Husband is to have these lifelong friends who are will also turn 50 next how do we top a $600 bottle of wine! Ideas please!


Levin said...

tell me, is it as good as they say it is?

Adrienne said...

Wow Lisa I'm impressed - hope you enjoyed - what wonderful sharing friends. Hope you had a great celebration!! Yummmm - feeling a little green haha!!