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This post is for my friend Maggie who has just begun knitting socks again having learnt many years ago as a little girl in Scotland. I bought this book at a great yarn and patchwork store while on my road trip and I can't wait to have a go at this challenging technique of knitting a pair of socks at the same time on a pair of circular needles which would avoid that dreaded second sock syndrome. Sackville & Lane had an amazing variety of gourmet yarns both Australian and imported, they had a great modern range of patchwork fabrics and best of all fantastic samples and kits all over the shop. The staff were super friendly and even recommended a great lunch spot in their town of Wangaratta. Drop in if you are passing and they also have a knitting group you can join in while in town.

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky to meet Antje Gillingham at her shop in Maryville, Tennessee last year. She is SUCH a wonderful lady and has a beautiful, well-stocked store looking over the river.

I didn't want to leave.