My boy is a hobbit..............

......just look at the size of his feet! It is no small wonder that he can stick to a surf board so well with size 14 flat feet. I have done some sewing, thought I should report this detail for those who have been concerned about my lack of creative blogging since my finger op. Yesterday Surfer Boy conned me into mending three split seams on his old wetsuit, what a job, working with dental floss, a big chenille needle and glove stitch I managed to get it back together and Surfer Boy sat alongside and learnt the basics of wetsuit repair. As soon as he finishes his Higher School Certificate this November he is heading to Western Australia to surf with a mate for a few months before his Navy enlistment date which he should hear about in the next fortnight (fingers crossed). He is such a tight @#$% when it comes to saving for a goal, he's been working every chance he gets with a local bricklayer as a labourer and he's stashing his money away so he can surf for as long as possible in the Margaret River area.

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Anonymous said...

You should be proud ... most kids I know would ask Mom and Dad to foot the bill.

Good luck to him on his Navy enlistment.

Love the surfing action shots.