Finally something to make me blog again............'s only been about 6 months! So what you might ask has prompted this little blog post? I'm not sure what it means but today while in town searching for a pair of pre-loved Levis jeans for a project I'm working on at the moment I came across this sad little selection of old patterns and I did a double-take. I've made it! I've found one of my felted bag patterns at a charity/thrift store, it really made me smile. Did the previous owner knit one of these bags from my pattern, did they love it enough to pass the pattern on to someone else, or maybe they couldn't make head nor tail of the pattern and they threw it away in disgust????

I am sorry I seem to have stopped blogging, it wasn't intentional, I'm not even sure why it has happened. I haven't taken any photos either, not even while on holidays in Tasmania late last year, no Christmas shots either! Weird isn't it? This photo I snapped with my iPod touch and it's not too bad, maybe that will motivate me to snap more things in the future. I do still think about blogging, there is a small pile of subjects to be photographed sitting in my sewing room waiting.

Returning to work has changed my life, I've been back nursing now for just over 2 years, working 3 days a week. Very soon I will begin working full time, this is a bit scary, I haven't worked permanent full time since I was pregnant with my first child who turns 19 this July. Will I survive? Who knows, but I'll give it my best.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Has it been 6 months, I just keep your blog on my reader and it just pops up when you post. I think blogging is one of those things that are helpful at certain times of your life and then maybe other things get in the way and blogging isn't so important to you as it was.

Full time work, you're right - a bit scary, I don't think I could go back to full time work again, I really appreciate all the spare time I have now that I work part time.

Maybe your pattern was part of a deceased estate, or maybe the person had made it and then scanned a copy on to their computer and then gave the pattern to the op shop, so many what ifs?

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you Lisa, I know how busy you are. Wouldn't it be good to know the story behind your find at the charity store. Good luck with full time work, but do try to find some "me time" and maybe a little blogging time too.
Heather xx

Jellywares said...

LOL!!! You're famous now...

So great to see you back blogging again Lisa, I've missed your inspiring posts..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Rachelle said...

Hi Lisa, I know you haven't blogged for a few months but I wanted to leave you a comment anyway to say how much I have enjoyed browsing through your blog. The things you have made are so beautiful, you clever girl. It must be fun for you to look back over what you have made too. I hope full time work is not too tiring and you are still managing a little bit of time for crafting. Warmest regards from New Zealand.

Lisa said...

Hi Rachelle,

Thanks for spending time looking around my blog. Sadly I just never find time for being creative anymore, maybe over this 5 day Easter break I might just have to get into my sewing room and find something to work on. If it rains that might be an even greater possibility. Do you blog?

I went to high school in New Zealand quite a few years ago.

Lisa x

Rachelle said...

Hi again :-)

I'm sorry to hear you are too busy to do anything creative. You must miss it. I hope you get into your craft room over Easter. Sometimes I just like to go and rearrange things or sew a quick seam or two. I haven't got the talent you have though. You have a real artists eye. I don't have a blog. Despite being 40 I have only just discovered the wonderful world of blogs and haven't ventured into it myself yet. I only know one person in real life that knits and sews. We live in Auckland, on the North Shore but I went to school in Palmerston North and didn't move here until I was married. Isn't the internet wonderful. Rachelle x

Kirsty said...