Sailor Boy now

My Surfer Boy has turned into Sailor Boy, he's been enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy for 2 weeks and is beginning to settle into the gruelling 11 weeks of Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus down near Melbourne. He's entered the Navy as a Gap Year Recruit, which means he completes one year and then can decide if Navy life is for him, he's in the very last intake of Gap Year Recruits, the program has been so successful that it has been ceased for the next year or so. Surfer/Sailor Boy has been issued with 10 uniforms this week and this is the least formal, I don't think the hat is part of this uniform, this is the only photo we have, it came via his mobile phone to his sister late last night, the 110 recruits only have their phones for a very short time on the weekends so I'll keep you up to date with what he gets up to or you can check the RAN website and follow the Moran Division Recruit School Intake 293 via the weekly photo updates, there are 2 weeks posted so far, not sight of Surfer Boy so far, he's apparently in the Anzac group which haven't been featured yet.


Donna said...

Wow, very different look for surfer boy! Hope he gets used to the short haircuts!!

Meg said...

How exciting, my daughter joined the Air Force Cadets at the start of this year as she wants to get her medical degree through the Defence Force. We did ANZAC day this year, several parades and i am washing now from a weekend camp, somewhere in the bush with only a compass and her common sense! All this in Year 11 too. They just grow and change...exciting but sad too.