A fresh start

While out with girlfriends yesterday I picked up this little kit...........I know you're all thinking that it's a very basic cross stitch kit, it is. I'm feeling so worn out lately from a very challenging working life that I'm a bit worried I can't remember how to do any of the creative stuff I used to do, it sometimes feels like it wasn't me who used to do so much sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc, etc........and I can't believe I ever taught it too. Anyway it's almost 12 months since the giant cell tumour was removed from my right index finger, it bends well but it doesn't grip well and it feels numb at the tip so holding and manipulating with it feels weird. Anyway I promised my girlfriends I would make a fresh start into my former creative life and I have!

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Rachelle said...

Hi from across the Tasman, it has been a few months since I dropped by your blog. I was so happy to see you posting again. The cross stitch is gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying putting in a stitch or two here and there. You have very wise girlfriends :- ) I can't believe how much your kids have grown. SB looks so handsome in his uniform. You must be so proud. Sounds like SG has a good man in JS and he knows the way to every mothers heart. Chocolate! Lol.