Barack Obama, Surfer Boy and Julia Gillard

I think this might be our families brush with fame for a is my only son Seaman Ashton (AKA Surfer Boy) smack bang between Barack and Julia yesterday afternoon in a RAAF Hangar in Darwin.  President Obama made a 27 hour trip downunder and my boy was in the right place at the right time, as they say!

These are a the best photos I have been able to find, they weren't really focusing on Surfer Boy yesterday but he is there between and beside both the President and our Prime Minister.  He did also appear on many news broadcasts, The 7pm Project and ABC Lateline.  Today I've picked up The Australian newspaper and there he is on the frontpage right between the most powerful man in the world and our nations leader.  Proud moment for our family.


FIONA said...

Surfer Boy has come a long way Lisa!!! Proud moment indeed!!

Anonymous said...

That is so Cool!