Darling Daughters turn in the spotlight

Last night Darling Daughter partnered her boyfriend Jack Sparrow to his final high school formal.  I'm awaiting the official photos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when JS is wearing his tie!  Couldn't wait, had to show you how grown up my Darling Daughter is these days, she turned 17 last Saturday.  Guess what colour her Karen Millen dress was?

Update - January 2012

Never did get a better photo!  Wish I had one that showed the left hand side of Darling Daughter's gorgeous little dress and one with Jack Sparrow wearing his matching tie.  Had to clone out a double power point behind Darling Daughter's right calf, not very well either I must say!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute couple!!!

Looks like an ad for Abercrombie and Fitch! :-)