A bakers dozen of Liberty shirts

I've been collecting these for a few years now, hoping one day to have enough variety so I can make a quilt.  I found the 13th shirt yesterday at a local charity store, it was made in England and cost me $3.  I think the time is getting closer where I can start designing the quilt I want to make.  I've been looking at lots of Liberty of London Tana Lawn quilts today on the web for ideas.  The fabric is just so delicate and soft it is going to be a very special quilt.  Tessuti Fabrics have a large selection online and those of you who live in Sydney and Melbourne can visit their great stores.

I've loved Liberty fabrics for a long time, one of the shirts I made about 23 years ago,  I also have a bundle of scraps from the making of my 3 bridesmaids dress from our 1990 wedding. 

I think I might be needing to add this Kaffe Fassett book to my library to give me just a little bit more inspiration for my Liberty quilt.  I have about half a dozen of Kaffe's quilting books one more will just blend in and Dear Husband won't notice.

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Anonymous said...

What a treasure trove of shirts. Love the book too. I wish I could sneak things into the house but my husband notices everything. Not that he complains mind you, I just feel guilty :)