Chocolate river kayaking

The sun is shining after weeks of miserable rainy weather so Dear Husband and I went kayaking up our local river on Sunday.  We can't complain too much we haven't been flooded like so much of New South Wales has been in the last 2 weeks. So we packed a picnic and pedalled our way in our Hobie Mirage Revolution kayaks up the river on the high tide up past the oyster farms to a great little picnic spots on the river bank.  The water is normally crystal clear and you can see Sting Rays and Flathead resting on the sandy bottom, not this time, it looked like a river of chocolate sauce and I didn't fall in!  We enjoyed three hours out in the fresh air and enjoyed the peace up the river to places where motor boats can't get to.  Ahhh, the serenity!

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Anonymous said...

Your kayaks are so cool, I've never seen that design before. Looks like you had an idyllic day. Glad you didn't fall in :)