Chocolate dotted girl

My constant companion Ruby, she is never more than half a step away from me.  I'm really worried that I will one day trip right over her, she doesn't mind being bumped into, kneed up the bottom or having her toes trod on, as long as she can be right there with you she's happy.  She is the most affectionate and doting dog I have ever owned and I'm so glad she is in our lives.  Ruby is 3 1/2 years old and still loves a good play with her collection of baby toys on the lounge room rug.  Oh, yes, she comes indoors!  Dalmatians have a really short soft coat that is so easy to look after but they shed hair all the time!!! 

Ruby is a purebred liver spotted Dalmation from Lukius Dalmatians in Canberra, ACT.  Her stud name is Lukius Hidden Treasure and she's a real gem.  She loves running and swimming, luckily we live beside a beach where dogs can run freely off the lead.  We've had two Dalmatians and I can so recommend this breed to active families.  Dalmatians often come up for rehousing on The Dalmatian Club of NSW.   Ruby's mum and sister have both been rehoused in the last couple of years.  


Ros said...

Hi Lisa - great to see that Ruby is still going well - she is so cute! also went over and joined ravelry for some inspiration for winter knitting - congratulations on having your patterns published - they look wonderful...good to have you back blogging! xxx

FIONA said...

Hi Lisa - I see a chocolate theme running here!!! Ruby is beautiful! We should get the girls together for a play some time!! xx

Marisa said...

It's like a chocolate chip cookie dog! How cute!!! Love the coloring.