What do you think?

I've got ahead of myself, only about 15 squares to crochet, I couldn't help myself!  I've been researching joining of crochet motifs extensively and I couldn't find exactly what I wanted but here is what I have developed to suit my own needs.  I've seen this technique on the famous Attic24 crochet blog for joining hexagons, they look devine.  Might need to try the fabulous pattern one day soon.  I'm pretty sure I like this joining technique more than the first one I trialled.  To any of my readers who crochet, what do you think?  I need advice.


Anonymous said...

This joining technique looks great. It is really modern looking which suits the colours and design you are using.
I am really enjoying crochet.Taught myself by looking at Attic 24 and watching utube videos.
I am on Ravely "Leightonfarm".
Glad you are having time to be creative again. How many days are you working now? Heather xx

Anonymous said...

That is just stunning, I don't crochet so can't offer input re joining but it looks fab