Cotton crochet throw

In September 2009 I posted about my learning how to crochet this simple square in 4ply cotton.  Well as I suspected I did forget how to work it and it took me another few nights recently to finally work out what size hook I had used and how to interpret that pattern again!  Anyway, I have a couple of watermelon ones to work and a ball each of cream and taupe, then all the squares might be finished.  I will have to lay them out and check the size and maybe find another ball to make it work.  So I set to work searching for a good crochet technique for joining these squares together to make a throw.  I've tried it out with a white scrap on two squares and I'm quite pleases with it.  It gives a nice bit of stretch to the join so it will stretch and conform without breaking any threads which can occur when you sew squares together. I found this technique demonstrated on Youtube which was really helpful, it's called Crochet - Flat Braid joining and it's shown over 4 short videos.  Here is a link to the first one to get you started.  I love how you work a border on each square while you join to the next one and I don't think the finished throw will need an outer border to finish it off.   I ordered 2 x 200g of latte 4ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills last Friday for the joining of the squares.

Crochet is finally starting to feel comfortable and I can work a square pretty quickly now!  My 2012 challenge is working out and I'm even planning on a winter crochet project made from a stash of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues I've had for some time.


Sally said...

Your crochet looks wonderful. I think the choice of method to join them all together looks like a winner. I have always whip stitched mine because I love hand sewing... but I will certainly be giving this a go one day in the future. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The squares look great, what a good idea doing them in cotton. Crochet is calling to me but so far I have resisted.