Francesco Biasia find

Last week I had a very lucky find at one of my favourite local charity stores.  I found this small black handbag amongst all the other various bags hanging around the store, I thought it looked like real leather, the stitching was very precise and the metal findings were all high quality.  I didn't know the brand being a country girl but I was very pleased when I discovered this is an original Francesco Biasia handbag made in Italy.  I know it's not from the latest range but it is in perfect condition and I like the style of this small bag.  Here is a link to an Australian retailer of Francesco Biasia handbags, also found a lot on eBay.  It was a good week for thrifting last week also found a lovely soft Leona Edmiston woollen dress which is just beautiful.  I went charity shopping last week for an embroidered pillowslip for a special little project I have in mind for Darling Daughter, no joy finding a pillowslip so far so will be hitting the charity stores again. 

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