Vintage pillows

You might have noticed the vintage hand embroidered and appliqued tablecloth sitting on my cutting table in the last post.  I picked this up at a charity store this week, it was stained and one corner was all ratty from use.  Last week I had seen The Crafty Minx had posted about how to revitalise vintage clothing and one of her tips came in very handy.  I soaked the cloth in Napisan for an hour then pegged out on the washing line in full sun without rinsing the Napisan off.  Apparently the sun acts on the chemicals in Napisan and takes out all the stains.  I brought it in after a few hours and gave it a machine wash in normal washing powder and then line dried it.  It worked so well, no stains at all now, very impressed with this method. 

I decided to make some European pillowslips for Darling Daughters vintage linen themed bedroom.  They were super easy and Darling Daughter loves them, either on the bed or as floor cushions. 

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