Caine's Cardboard Arcarde

I was sent a link to this video this morning and it made me smile, a lot. It reminded me so much of my own childhood; playing shops, playing house, playing school, etc.  My little sister and I would play for hours in a very similar way to Caine, creating our own little world out of nothing much.  Amazing how much fun and creativity can come from cardboard and sticky tape.  My own kids, Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter loved it when I would take a trip to one of our electrical retailers and come home with the family station wagon stuffed full of empty cardboard boxes, they played for days in these boxes.  You can make amazing cave systems from refrigerator boxes. 

Caine has a wonderful future ahead of him, he is certainly very enterprising and the happiest kid I've seen for a long time and their are no computers, TV's or Xboxes in site.  Brilliant.

Check out Caine's Arcade website and you can also follow Caine's Arcade on Facebook.  If you are moved by this short film made by Nirvan Mullick who was Caine's first and only customer then you can make a donation to Caine's Arcade Scholarship Fund.

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