Chunky crochet doiley mat

My latest crochet effort is this floor mat.  It's almost 1 metre in diameter. I've noticed a few photos of these big crochet doiley style mats in my favourtie magazine Real Living over the last 12 months or so.  I thought with the small amount of crochet experience I have I could have another go at crocheting the Heidi pattern from the jug cover book I have.  I don't have many crochet books to choose from!  I know the mats I've seen in the magazines have been made of very thick cotton cord but I don't think I'd find that anywhere here, maybe the hardware store but I haven't tried there.  I came across a jumbo 400g ball of 100% acrylic 12ply yarn at Kmart recently so thought this would get me started into the world of chunky crochet.  I used a 6.5mm hook and got hooking.  I worked my way to the end of the jug cover with only 7 pineapple designs rather than 8 because I thought it might be rippley if I had that many.  I've added a plain border with the remaining yarn and increased as I thought and it lays fairly flat.  Need to give it a soak and block it and it might be a bit better then.............or maybe not.  Here is a great chunky doiley mat made by another blogger Creative Jewish Mom last year.

This week I found a crochet book at a local charity store and it is a great text for me, so many things to learn about crochet.  The book was published in 1972 when crochet was enjoying it's hippy revival days. I like this book because it is English style crochet rather than USA, I have been confused too many times trying to work from patterns that give different names for the same crochet stitches, I need to stick to one and then I think I'll be able to understand the other eventually I hope.


2paw said...

Oh my word, that is just fabulous!! You make me want to go straight away to KMart in the dark and rain. Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! What will you use it for?
Would it be a bathmat?

annikaisa said...

Lovely rug!