Quince paste cooking

Inspired by Julie Goodwin's first adventure with the old fashioned fruit, the quince I decided to source some and have a go at making quince paste.  I always have Maggie Beer's Quince Paste in my fridge, love it with any good cheese, especially Camembert.  Julie's hints and tips are great but I worked with what I had.  I did my initial cooking of the quinces in my pressure cooker, I added the cores sewn into a muslin bag at this stage to get the most of the pectin which is said to be around the seeds.  I made one mistake, I added too much water, forgetting that a pressure cooker doesn't need as much as tradtitonal pot boiling.  I don't own a slow cooker so used my electric wok for the reducing stage, I had to stand and stir which very tedious and tiring. Maybe I got too carried away, I think my finished paste is a bit fruit leather like, not sure how easy it will be to cut and spread with cheese and biscuits.  It tastes beautiful and the colour is fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

Taste is everything --- and you are right, it looks lovely. So rich looking.