Flowers, Fences and Finds

We've been home a week since our road trip and it has just flown.  I've had my Mother-In-Law visiting and she gave me the huge bunch of lilies, they smell divine and are a real splash of colour in our living room.  While we had our guest I didn't get any crafting done but Dear Husband, Darling Daughter and I did manage to transform our fence with Spanish Moss or Old Man's Beard.  We had an over abundance hanging from our three Silver Birch trees, which all grew from a handful that Surfer Boy brought home from his art teachers garden.  We give it away by the bagful to any visitor who asks and it just keeps on multiplying, it must be just the right spot.  Anyway I decided our brush fence was looking a bit ratty so we got busy and covered our fence, we did a test panel a few months ago and it is growing well so we now have almost 10 metres covered.  Next will be the gates you can see in the distance.

Today I've been to town for food supplies and I did manage to see a movie, The Lucky One, it was ok, but the book was much better, as usual, they leave out so much.  A quick visit to Vinnie's on the way home and I found three great knitting magazines, can't wait to sit down and have a read, they are a bit ol'd; 2007, 2009 and 2010, maybe there won't be anything I want to knit but I'm sure to learn a lot.  All three only cost me $3 and the original price combined was $36.95, what a bargain!


Donna said...

The fence looks great!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if that is what was on the fence. We have PLENTY of Spanish Moss here. I probably pulled at least two pounds of it off the bushes this week.

It looks good on the fence. Not so much on my ligustrum hedge.