Knitting myself well

Patons sure did name this wool correctly, Jet, it has knit up so fast.  I bought this 12ply bulky Australian wool on sale at Morris and Son while I was in Sydney, the book (Cleckeaton Kaleidoscope) was free with the packet of wool.  I started this on Saturday afternoon while in bed watching movies with a horrible head cold.  So far I've knit the back, two fronts and part of both sleeves.  Once the sleeves are complete it will be time to put them all together and knit the yoke.  Only side and sleeve seams to sew up, a nice easy construction method is what I love about this garment.  I wasn't keen on the weird cable design so I have worked a simple three strand braid instead.  I might get the sleeves done tonight.  I had better keep my eyes open for 3 special buttons because I want to wear this asap.

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Anonymous said...

I see why! It's so CUTE! Can't wait to see it all finished up.

What color did you choose? Did you go with the white?