Milo and Otis

I gifted this little set; the Milo Vest and Otis Hat to a little boy, Charlie Edward who will be earthside in the next few weeks.  I can't wait to hear about his very anticipated arrival and eventually have a cuddle.  I knit them both from a yarn that you used to be able to buy from Bendigo Woollen Mills, it's a double knit/8 ply wool and cotton mix in the palest of powder blues.  So soft and warm and I hope it fits.  Me being me, I knit the Milo Vest up and really didn't like the finish of some areas so I made a few mods to suit my inner neat freak and now I'm happy other than the visible M1 increases across the chest.  Not sure how to disguise increases in garter stitch.  The Otis Hat is designed by a different knitter who decided the vest needed a companion hat, I would also like to make some mods in the crown decreases for a neater appearance one day.  These are both great baby knits as they are knit in one piece with no seaming, so that just leaves the two tails to secure and sew in.  Simple and fun knitting.

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