The Rubster and I go online shopping

This girl is a huge part of the family, especially for me now both kids are grown and Dear Husband is living and working so far away these days.  She's a great companion at home watching telly, gardening, walking or whatever I do during my days, she's always there.  Faithful companion she is.  I was playing with my iPod camera and instagram last night, need to get into this more often, they look so much like old Polaroids from the 70's. 

More fun than Click Frenzy which seems to have been a flop, I gave it a miss as I don't really want anything at the moment and I haven't even thought ahead to Christmas gift giving yet, but this morning I was curious, I tried to open the Click Frenzy website twice and it shut down both times before the home page had even loaded, won't be trying again.  Shop local or hand make/grow whatever you need has always worked for me and I think I'll be sticking to that, other than the lounge covers I ordered from Macy's department store in the USA last week!  Momentary lapse!  You can't buy them in Australia is my excuse and their online shopping site is so easy to use and the postage was only $12 for 2 x 3 seater lounge and 1x 1 seater chair in fitted quilted velour covers.  Not very environmentally friendly to be shopping OS either.  I need these covers to protect my very pale lounge suite from grotty Surfer Boy and his surfing boy friends who lay all over it in boardshirts and no shirts, now that I won't be living in this house.  My justification!


Anonymous said...

Ruby looks like a real sweetheart!

karen said...

nice pictures, instagram is so fun to fiddle with. My fiance works afternoons so I always appreciate having my cat Mishka to hang out with. I call him my guard cat because were on our own until 12 but im pretty sure id be fending for myself if anything scary happened lol:) I try to stay local with buying too but oh my, prices are so much cheaper in America I cant always resist either!