Our family home

Very soon I'll be leaving our home to live in another house with Dear Husband and I'm feeling very teary about leaving our family home.
I am beginning to realise how much this home means to me, I have lived in this home for more than 22 years.  Previous to this I've never lived in any house more than 6 years, we moved a lot when I was a child.  I moved into this home when I was 24, just 3 days after I married Dear Husband.  He never carried me across the threshold, he's not the romantic type at all!  It was what would be called "the worst house with the best address",  it was a little two bedroom beach shack only 100m from the beach.  For two country raised newlyweds our first home was our little piece of paradise
Two children have been conceived in this home, one miscarriage occurred and two labours have begun with waters rupturing within it's walls too.  My babies Surfer Boy and then Darling Daughter came home from hospital to our tiny little home and life was good.  I have so many happy memories raising our children in this home.  Our first pet Henry the Dalmatian who was with us for 13 years is buried out the back.  The house has grown and been renovated and become more family friendly as the years have gone on and needs have changed. 
Our first born, Surfer Boy has fledged and flown the coop joining the Royal Australian Navy and he visits when he is based nearby, today he even mowed the lawns!  Dear Husband and I have both found new and exciting careers 500km from the seaside and we've bought a new house for us to live in and hopefully visit our coastal home as often as we can. Our baby, Darling Daughter has completed her formal school years and now plans to stay in our home before she heads off to university next year. 
I know I have to let things go, but it's sad  and scary to leave your family home with hopes that the child who lives in the room I photographed today is going to care for our home as much as Dear Husband and I do.  
Note - all photos deliberately blurry to save Darling Daughter some embarrassment!


FIONA said...

I know how you feel! When we were packing up our house after 20 years to move to where we are now, there were certainly mixed feelings! You have the best of both worlds - a country house and a beach house now!! All will be well soon when you have unpacked into the new house and you will have another place to call home! It's really just a change of scenery!! And different again too when the children leave home!! Thinking of you xxx

Anonymous said...

Best wishes in your new home and your new job. Your new HOME looks lovely. I think I need to move to Australia! LOL