Scenic Hill Griffith


Griffith is in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, it's a lush oasis in what would have been very arid countryside if not for the water that is channelled all over this district.

Surrounded by orchids, vineyards and rice paddies.
The eastern end of the hill from our pool.

When I arrive in Griffith I can't stop looking at this beautiful rocky hill, it fascinates me.  The town wraps around the base of the hill and you catch glimpses of it from everywhere in town.  Dear Husband and I have walked many of it's dusty dry paths and scrabbled over lots of rocks, it is an amazing place.  The local council have preserved a bit of the history of Scenic Hill where an Italian man Valerio Ricetti lived in his Hermit's Cave many years ago.  He had a vast number of caves he lived and worshipped in, also a magnificent garden.     

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lovely pics,thankyou for sharing.xx