4893 PTE R. I. NEWBOUND 5 BN AIF, my grandfather

Something I've been meaning to do for a long time is photograph my grandfathers WW1 medals.  My sister and I are about to get them restored and mounted on a bar so they can be worn with pride by family members on ANZAC Day for many years to come.  As you might notice both medals were badly defaced by a family member and I'm not sure they can be restored perfectly but we will endeavour to have them returned to their best condition.  

My dad had memories of he and his twin brother wearing one medal each on ANZAC Day when they were little boys.  My son Surfer Boy wore them when he was a very little boy when he marched with my dad at the Batemans Bay ANZAC Day service and he has continued to wear them throughout his school years and now he is a currently serving serviceman he will continue to wear them with pride. Sadly I never met my grandfather, he passed away the year I was born but I'm sure he is someone I would have loved to sit down with and have a chat.  This photo above is of Roger (grandfather) on the left and his brother George on their return from WW1.  My dad often said he couldn't remember a day when his dad didn't cough blood, he had sustained mustard gas damage to his lungs during WW1.  He came home from war and married a Tasmanian girl and they raised a family of 11 and he retired from the Victorian Railways when he was in his 70's and sadly died soon after.

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Anonymous said...

That is such a great project. I have a couple of my Dad's medals from WWII. They mean the world to me.