Grand Designs are happening I think

On my way to and from my home to our shop I spied this interesting old farmhouse that was slowly being dismantled and I feared may be going to be moved to a new site and I would miss out on seeing it's return to it's former glory.  This house has some really lovely features; bay windows, wide sheltered verandas, French doors out onto the verandas, weatherboards, tin roof, brick chimneys and a beautiful front door.  Anyway I'm pleased to say the removal of the brick foundations wasn't for the placement of steel beams ready to lift the house off it's foundations and onto a truck.  This week the old tin roof has been removed and their were men all over the house working away.  I'm going to keep taking photos of this project as it's something I've always dreamed of doing but quite probably will never do in my lifetime.  So I will live vicariously and enjoy watching from afar.  The property has a name on the gate and with some googling I found a photo of the house when it looked a lot more liveable.  

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