A country garden on a grand scale

While we were out exploring today we went past a fabulous gateway and I asked Dear Husband to stop the car, I need to look through this fence!  The garden is owned by Michelle Nugan and it is a spectacular garden that has evolved over 30 years and I can't wait until her next open garden day, I'm there!  As it's now late autumn I could see all the way to her very grand home through the bare trees so I stuck the trusty iPhone through the fence and snapped a few shots.  I wouldn't like the job of raking up the leaves in this huge garden but I'd love to smell all the beautiful roses.  

Click on the photo and go to a link that has 16 photos inside this fabulous garden

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny hearing you talk about "late fall". We are already feeling like summer here. LOL

The gardens look lovely.

We went to Bok Tower on Saturday. They have beautiful gardens there and a wonderful carillon tower.

So peaceful there.