Look what I found today.............mosaics

Griffith now has a very large Indian population and this looks like a magic carpet, stunning work.

A celebration of the Italian heritage in Griffith

A patchwork quilt representing all the various types of farming going on in the food bowl of Australia

 Recognition of the local aboriginal cultural heritage

Looking across to the modern Griffith City Council buildings

The wildlife

Insects of the area, take note of the Redback spider at the bottom of the pole

The very recently revamped water fountain is now a gorgeous modern mosaic sculpture

Dear Husband and I have had a lovely day off together, we went out for lunch then decided to go and have a look at an art exhibition and just outside we found some amazing mosaics that neither of us knew were there.  So glad we decided to go exploring on this beautiful sunny late autumn day.  I didn't have my camera with me but Dear Husband had his iPhone, these quick snaps aren't too bad for phone photos.  I need to carry my camera at all times, there is so much to see in a new town.  

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Anonymous said...

The mosaics are beautiful. The owl "tower" is my favorite.