Don Mackay.............Griffith is famous for the wrong reasons

I think everyone in Australia knows of Griffith!  It's a city that has endured years of infamy because there was a high level of drug related business happening around the area and then an unsolved murder.  Donald Mackay was probably murdered for speaking out about drugs in 1977 in a lonely carpark in the CBD of Griffith not very far from his furniture retail business.  His body has never been found nor the person/persons responsible for his death.  His son still operated the family furniture business and there is a large memorial for his dad at the beginning of the main street.  

On the night of the murder, 15th July 1977 Dear Husband was 17 years old and attending a SES training night out at the airport, on his way home with another SES member at the wheel they saw headlights coming towards them from a vehicle that was being driven erratically.  When he got home the family received a phone call from the local police wanting to ask Dear Husband what he could recall about the vehicle they had passed on the airport road.  One theory about what happened to Donald Mackay's body after the murder was that it was flown out of town that evening,  maybe it was.

Therefore we often say rather than having made a 'Tree Change' we've made a Grass Change' moving to Griffith.

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Anonymous said...

His poor family..never knowing what really happened.

In Orlando we are becoming quite famous for missing women. With all the swamps and orange groves around here, it's VERY easy to get rid of a girlfriend you don't want anymore AND make sure she never makes any trouble for you. :-(