Kookora Street 1962 and 2013

1962 Dad, little sister, Mum and my Dear Husband is almost 2 years old

2013 and still functioning as flats
Moving to the country was a little bit easier for Dear Husband, he was born in this town and lived here until he was 29, other than the years he spent at university.  He doesn't have any family here now but he has a large circle of great friends who have made our move so much better.  Dear Husband's dad and his bride arrived in this town in 1959 and moved into this red brick block of four flats and they raised a family of 4 children within the two bedrooms for 6 years until they moved out into their brand new family home in 1966. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute photo!

I doubt Stephen (our son) would even remember where he was born. We moved when he was 13 months old. The only town he remembers is Orlando, but he is DESPERATE to move back to our hometown. I guess those old roots run deep even if you DON'T remember living there.