Ruby and the frog in her water bowl

Ruby is a movie star now thanks to my daughter operating the camera and me for finally working out how to upload it and post it on here.  She is a four year old chocolate (liver......chocolate sounds so much nicer!) spotted Dalmatian who is pretty timid when she encounters anything new and a frog in her water bowl was certainly new to her.  We heard her crying and we came running out the back door to find her a quivering mess, we raced back in and found the camera and sadly missed her most scared moments but I'm sure you get the idea.  Darling Daughter was really worried that she would eat the frog............she didn't, no harm done at all.  We moved the frog into a big water filled pottery bread crock in our garden and he stayed around for a few days safe from Ruby's slobbering mouth. 

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ruby! I don't want a frog in MY drink either. ;-)