It's raining............really heavy!

Having moved from the coast where the average rainfall is around 38" (960mm) per year to inland Australia 500km from the the coast to a place where the average annual rainfall is only 16" (400mm) you can understand why I have taken photos of the first proper rain since I moved here.  I had to relocate my new little potted garden to our outdoor kitchen bench or I'm sure they would have floated away.  I did find one little pottery mug today which was 50 cents and has the makers name Possum on the bottom.  I wonder who possum is?  When the rain stops I'm going to have to go out and empty some water from the pool so the filter and skimmer can do it's stuff.  Perfect weather for knitting indoors this afternoon.  Ruby and the old puss think so too!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for rain!

We are expecting rain this afternoon also, but then, that IS expected for us. We are at the start of rainy season.

Last week we had a crazy rain storm. We had to drain down the pool THREE times in one night.

Levin said...

I don't know what our average rainfall is but I know that when it rains it's pretty special. It rained all day here yesterday and it was just magical. I wished I was at home, curled up on the couch with a good book and a nice cup of tea.