An upcycled sewing project

I found this large woollen dressing gown last week and thought I could make it into something cozy for a certain friend of mine.

Not much left after I had cut out all the pieces and I was pretty sure I'd try and use the collar too.

I cut carefully and retained some original features

Done!  I added another layer of wool through the mid section for extra warmth.

Pockets for her toys!

Lined with polar fleece.  I had to add extra velcro as my model wasn't very co-operative when I was taking her tummy measurements!

She could look a  little more pleased about her new winter dressing gown coat!  A very uneasy model.  She'll be glad to wear it when the thermometer drops to zero very soon.  I wanted it to be like her favourite checked blanket but much easier for her to keep in place out in her bed at night.

Last night she was still unsure about her new coat but she seemed to know that it was warm.


Susan said...

Very trendy....I'm sure she'll appreciate it on those cold nights.

Sally said...

Awesome. How clever are you??? (Lots)