Gone bush today at Cocoparra National Park

Almost flouro moss caught my eye.

Something has walked this path before us.

A very zoomed and cropped photo to try and see what bird was filling the bush with a wonderful tune.  Still don't know what it is.  Any ideas?

A bird dropped this gum blossom down on us from a great height.


Peeping out from it's hiding spot this little wallaby was very inquisitive.

The waterfall was dry but we'll be going back after some rainfall to check it out.  The rocks are just   so beautiful and the lichen was everywhere.  Slippery too!  I found out the hard way!

The cliffs were just pure rock.  This big flat rock would make a great spot for a family photo, must keep that in mind if the kids every visit.


On top of the highest hill were a stack of towers for radio, television, telephone, mobile phones and aviation support, what a great work place, fabulous views and apparently it even gets a bit of snow very occasionally.

I wasn't tempted but the view would have been spectacular!

A view to the south west, no more hills until you get to South Australia.

Cocoparra National Park is almost at our doorstep so we thought today being a perfect sunny winters day it would be a good opportunity to get out and start exploring it.  Dear Husband had camped within the park when he was a boy Scout but other than that we know nothing about this great recreational area.  We started with Woolshed Flat campground and walked a fire trail just exploring the bush for quite a few kilometers.  Next we parked at The Pines and walked up to the Woolshed Flat Falls which didn't have a drop of water flowing anywhere.  On our way home we explored Mt. Bingar by car right up the towers and satellite dishes as the top.  There are numerous interesting walks so we'll visit the park again on another sunny day and do a longer walk.

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Anonymous said...

Your cheeky little wallaby reminds me of our raccoons. So curious!