Rural mailboxes and signs

I've always noticed mailboxes and on my travels to our shop I pass all these mailboxes and interesting farm signs.  I love the country ingenuity that has gone into the designs. Upcycling at it's very best in some cases!  Where do the farm names come from, and what are the meanings of some of the names?  I think this might be the beginning of something for me.................a new collection is happening!  There was a very cold wind blowing and most of these were taken from the open car window and trying to avoid the western setting sun.  


Anonymous said...

We pass a farm in New Smyrna --- Dunrovin' --- I guess he's not moving again, eh?

There is also a ranchette call the Back Achers. Guess he works hard all day. LOL

I'll have to get pictures one of these days. I sure enjoyed you pictures.

Zara said...

Property names get me thinking too when I see them.
And the backdrops to your photos are just stunning, photo-shoot worthy even. x