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After loving our day at Cocoparra National Park last weekend we decided to head back out there again, this time we took some good friends with us.  We decided to conquer Mt. Brogden, documented as a "2 hour hard walk'' in the brochure.  

We made it to the first lookout!

Fabulous rocks, I'm a bit of a rock freak, just love them.

We made it to the trig station at the top and Dear Husband had to climb atop the dry packed rock cairn.

Our good friends preparing for the descent. tighten the shoelaces!

Very proud of her mountain climbing effort!

Our reward, an authentic wood fired BBQ lunch in the wilderness.

How civilised is this?  A tablecloth and a great sparkling wine served in yellow plastic tumblers!  All class and no style!  A great day out and a wonderful winter time activity.  After a few drinks we've discussed a few more outing ideas and it's my job to find a good map!  I can do that!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone survived the climb! A well deserved glass of sparkling wine for everyone!