The cold weather has arrived.........time for knitting and reading

I really miss our wood fire heater in this weather but I'm keeping myself busy with a bit of winter knitting for the shop.  I'm enjoying doing a little bit of simple cable knitting on this thick and chunky scarf that will be finished with buttons so it's fits securely around your neck.

I finished this mohair scarf/wrap/shawl last week and it's so light and warm.  It looks lovely wrapped snuggly around your neck or draped over your shoulders.  I finished it with a slightly ruffled edge and the whole thing only weighs 150g.  It's for sale at Kindrawares!

I went book shopping this afternoon, hopefully this selection will keep me entertained for a few weeks.  A very mixed bunch of titles but they all looked interesting and I can't wait to get started on  the first one tonight.


Anonymous said...

I read a few Adrianne Trigiani books --- the Stone Gap series. It was pretty good (maybe a little predicatable) . . . a good way to spend a cold afternoon with a cup of tea.

Sally said...

Wow - that is an impressive pile of books. Loving both the scarf and the shawl. Yep. Winter is here.

Lea said...

Lovely to see your makings, both just so lovely. I hope you will make something for yourself as well. Happy making and reading!